Meet our probate attorney

We know how overwhelming it is to sort out final legal affairs at the death of a loved one.  In addition to processing extreme heartache, clients must determine how and when to sort out the decedent’s assets plus pay creditors’ claims in accordance to the law. With over ten years of legal experience in probate, estate planning, business planning, special proceedings, and residential and commercial real estate, we provide a streamlined approach to estate administration to help put your mind at ease throughout the probate process.  

Elizabeth Boyette

Elizabeth has over a decade of industry experience in probate and estate administration. A native of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, she received her undergraduate degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and her law degree from Campbell Law School. Elizabeth enjoys volunteering at her children’s school and playing tennis and mahjong in her free time. She lives in Raleigh with her husband, two children, and her dog. 


We can assist you with opening the type of estate that is right for you.

Court Filings

We can assist you with preparing the proper type of documentation to file with the Clerk of Court.

Creditor Claims

We can advise as to the correct order in which to pay claims owed to the decedent’s estate.

Asset Liquidation

With our trusted referral partners, we can advise as to the liquidation of assets and legal distribution to heirs.